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How Your Ad Campaigns Can Benefit from Effective Knowledge Management

By Erik van Dorp | 26/03/2021 |

Ad campaigns reporting & knowledge management for best ROI Getting the best ROI on your Ad campaigns requires more than just Google Ads skills, sharing learnings and changes with your team is equally important. And when using more than one Ad platform or using multiple accounts it is paramount that you keep track of the…

What is Python used for? | Major Industries

By Erik van Dorp | 24/09/2020 | Comments Off on What is Python used for? | Major Industries

How is Python used in the real world? Python is one of the most popular languages for coding in the world. The majority of top U.S. colleges even use Python in their introductory coding classes: teaching students to use Python to build simple games, parse information from web pages, and even conduct language processing! Still,…

Beginner Python: Draw a Harry Potter Symbol

By Erik van Dorp | 09/09/2020 |

Beginner Coding Project: Python & Harry Potter Interested in getting your child into computer programming but unsure of where to start? (By the way Not to mention that when you are a Beginner Python coder yourself, this is a great to start as well ) You’re not alone. Finding simple programming project ideas that interest…

Python vs Java: Uses, Performance, Learning

By Erik van Dorp | 18/08/2020 |

Python vs. JavaPython vs Java: Uses, Performance, Learning In the world of computer science, there are many programming languages, and no single language is superior to another. In other words, each language is best suited to solve certain problems, and in fact there is often no one best language to choose for a given programming…

Google Data Studio vs Klipfolio (Part 3)

By Erik van Dorp | 09/06/2020 |

After part 1 and part 2 of the blogs related to Google Data Studio vs Klipfolio, here’s part 3.   This time, the focus will be on the design elements and features related to both tools. Many agencies a  

Google Data Studio vs Klipfolio (part 2)

By Erik van Dorp | 01/10/2017 |

Google Data Studio vs Klipfolio After our visit to Measurecamp London in September we came back with more background information about how agencies and analysts perceive the differences between Google Data Studio vs Klipfolio. So here’s part two of this blog post. During one of the sessions we asked participants to compare Google Data Studio vs…

Google Data Studio vs Klipfolio

By Erik van Dorp | 29/05/2017 |

We have published a new comparison between Data Studio and Klipfolio. Go check it out. Why Klipfolio is 10 times better than Google Data Studio As a data and dashboard company we have built and deployed countless Klipfolio dashboards in the last 5 years. We currently manage over 750 Klipfolio dashboards for about 200 clients.…

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