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Cervinodata free plan

Cervinodata's free plan is a great way to explore a couple of great features Cervinodata has to offer. And as the name says, it is free to use. But it comes with a few limitations.

Maximum 182 days of data retention        ||        Weekly data refresh       ||        max. 3 accounts switched ON.

See how the data limits work in more detail here

What's included in the free plan

Data blending

Blend the data of Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Snapchat Ads, Google Ads and Google Analytics

Campaign grouping

Show only specific campaigns from multiple platforms in your report.

See how much revenue your ad campaigns have generated by blending ad data to Google Analytics data.

Save valuable time by adding campaigns automatically if they meet your requirements, by using our "Auto select" option.

I need more, I need:

2 years data, daily refresh

If you need more than 182 days of data, daily data refresh or more than 3 accounts, Cervinodata Essential is your plan. At only 29 euro / month you get 2 years of data retention and a maximum of 8 accounts to report on.


Get Essential here

More accounts

If you need more than 8 accounts switched ON, move to our Bronze plan (this is only 99 euro / month).


Get Bronze here

Adform or Google 360 Advertising data

If you need data from Adform, Google Campaign Manager 360, Google Video & Display 360 or Google Search Ads 360.


Move to our Gold plan.

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