Google Analytics automation

Google Analytics offers all the data you need to keep track of the performance of your webshop. But let's be honest: How often do you really dig into the details to look for trends? Or to figure out which products need attention? Or which pages and steps in the sales funnel you should optimize first? Our guess is, not often enough. That's because it used to be manual labour and hard work. Not anymore. Cervinodata offers powerful Google Analytics Automation tooling.

"Our Google Analytics automation services are built for smart marketers. While our algorithms do all the boring work, you can focus your attention on interpreting the data and taking the right actions. A great ROI on our services is guaranteed!" - Erik van Dorp, CEO Cervino Marketing.

What we promise


Save hours per week

No need for manually clicking through Google Analytics to analyse multiple products, pages, funnels and channels.


Take action faster

Our algorithms work 24/7 to monitor your data. Get reports on trends and anomalies so you can take action within days, not weeks.


Get a great ROI

Want to sell more products while saving countless of hours of tedious work? Our intelligence products promise you a great return on your investment.

Smart Product Monitoring

This dashboard uses Google Analytics automation to give you insight in those products that need your attention and which channels you could use to grow sales. This service can be delivered in Klipfolio , in Google BigQuery, Google Data Studio, as a REST url or through the Cervinodata API.


Revenue, trends, potential and priority

  • The revenue of each product and the revenue trend per week
  • The percentage revenue share and the trend per week
  • The estimated revenue potential for each product
  • Which product(s) to optimise first to get the biggest boost in sales.

Channel suggestions to boost sales

  • Which channels have the highest attribution to selling the product
  • How much revenue came through that channel
  • The revenue trend for that channel
  • The trend in revenue share for that channel
  • Which channel has the biggest estimated potential for selling more products
Smart Product Monitoring