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The easiest way to organise your campaign performance data


Cervinodata helps you organise your ad & analytics data and brings it to Google Data Studio, Google BigQuery and Klipfolio.

Cervinodata is built for agencies

Drag & Drop ease of use

No coding. No it needed.
The easy to use interface is built for (and by) marketers and allows you manage all your clients, ad platforms and campaigns without writing one line of code.

Blend ad platforms & Analytics

Return on Ad Spend
Blend data from different ad platforms, multiple accounts and clients together with Google Analytics to connect the dots between ad spend and revenue.

Monitor live campaigns

Group & filter campaigns
Bring all related campaigns from multiple platforms together and filter out only the ones that are currently running. This will save hours of monitoring time each week.

Use multiple destinations

All in one product
Cervinodata centrally manages and stores all your data in a relational data model. This way you can send the same data to multiple destinations or use BigQuery for large clients and Data Studio for smaller onse .

Data delivery you can trust

Get an alert if a connection is broken
Our data collection engine has multiple fail safe mechanisms to ensure great data delivery reliability. We'll alert you if a connection is broken, so you can fix it before your client finds out.

Free dashboard templates

With pre-built features. ready to go.
Cervinodata offers free Google Data Studio templates and Klipfolio templates that work seamlessly with the clever features of Cervinodata.

Trusted by agencies around the world

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Mark, technical advertising specialist

"The options within Cervinodata to group multiple campaigns from different platforms saves me about 4 hours every week. There is even a clever way to connect ad spend to ecommerce revenue. This allows us to adjust campaigns based on ROAS”

René, Digital Analytics Consultant at Onetomarket

“The Cervinodata Engine is a very simple yet powerful tool to get all our ad campaign performance and GA data of all our clients together in Google BigQuery. Cervinodata offers clever tools, like the query builder, that make it easy to get the right data in the right BigQuery table. This saves us a lot of time and hassle.”

Data sources

Connect to Google Analytics

Google Analytics


Google Ads


Facebook Ads


Google Display & Video Ads 360


Google Search Ads 360

Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads


Snapchat Ads


Twitter Ads


Instagram Ads

Connect to Bing Ads

Bing Ads

Data destinations

You do not have to pay to get your data to multiple destinations. Use any or all of the available methods that fit your particular need. Switch between methods or use multiple at the same time, we’ve got you covered.


BigQuery Cervinodata

Connect BigQuery to your favourite BI Tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Sigma Computing, Zoho Analytics and more.

Google Data Studio

google data studio Cervinodata

Get up and running with Google Data Studio in a matter of minutes by using our free Data Studio templates for reporting on multiple ad platforms, multiple Google Analytics views or on specific advertising campaigns.


Google Data Studio vs Klipfolio logo

Use the native Cervinodata Klipfolio connector to easily get all your ad platforms or multiple views into one data source. This will save you a lot of time building beautiful dashboard with Klipfolio.

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