Online marketing dashboard

All your important marketing metrics in one place.

With an online marketing dashboard built upon Cervinodata you do not waste time switching between multiple advertising platforms to gain insight in your campaign performance. Just build a dashboard in your tool of choice or use one of the many prebuilt templates - that usually come included.(we prefer Klipfolio and Google Data Studio ).

Examples of online marketing dashboards

Below you can find a small list of example dashboards that are based on Cervinodata's powerful engine. If you have any questions, feel free to contact

Advertising dashboards

Multichannel marketing dashboard examples

Cervinodata is used by many organisations. Agencies in particular like the power of Cervinodata's engine to feed all their online dashboards. This saves them a ton of time.


Below are some examples of advertising dashboard that where custom built in Google Data Studio

Best performing marketing dashboard

  • The power of dashboards is that they give (near) real-time insight in the performance of key metrics.
  • It is possible to show the combined performance of multiple advertising accounts
  • Cervinodata allows you to build dashboards based on platform level, account level, campaign level and ad group level.
  • Get historical data in your online marketing dashboard without manual work or writing code.
  • With our Campaign Grouping feature it is even possible to present online specific ad campaigns.

Our best performing online marketing dashboard is the multi platform and multi account Klipfolio Dashboard, which is free to use with a Cervinodata license (For pricing, check here)

klipfolio custom design marketing dashboard
klipfolio custom design marketing dashboard

Which metrics are important ?

There are many metrics (or variables) to take into account when optimising the performance of your e-commerce website or online advertising campaign. Before you know it, you are looking at 100 different metrics to see how you are doing. That is a bad idea.

There are a couple of metrics that are of crucially important. You can find the top 4 direct metrics to monitor below:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Ad spend
  • Conversions

These are the top 3 calculated metrics to track

The metrics above are primary or direct metrics. With these metrics you can create multiple derived or calculated metrics. These calculated metrics can be used to see the relationships between (most often) two metrics. Derived metrics are important to see if your campaign is well balanced. In other words, if the one primary metric is balanced with another primary metric. For instance, if your ad spend is very high, but your conversions are very high as well, the balance between the two, measured as Cost per conversion is still ok. It's a matter of calculating. Let's assume your ad spend is 100.000 euro and your conversions are 10.000, the cost per transaction is 100.000 / 10.000 is 10 euro per transaction. If you compare this to 20.000 ad spend and 500 conversions, the cost per conversion is 20.000/500 is 40 euro per transaction. No matter how high your margin per product is, the cost to sell one product is still higher when the cost per conversion is 40 euro.

These are the top 3 calculated metrics to track.

  • Cost per click
  • Click through rate
  • Cost per conversion

Read a more in-depth blog about how to track online marketing metrics on Klipfolio

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