Google Bigquery case: Onetomarket

Rotterdam, September 30th 2019 | Digital automotive marketing specialist Onetomarket based in the Netherlands has chosen Cervinodata for BigQuery as their platform for collecting and harmonising their online advertising data in Google BigQuery.

René Stuifzand, Digital Analytics Consultant at Onetomarket: “The Cervinodata Engine is a very simple yet powerful tool to get all our ad campaign performance and Google Analytics data of all our clients together in Google BigQuery. And Cervinodata has included some clever tools, like the query builder, that make it easy to get the right data in the right BigQuery table. This saves us a lot of time and hassle.”

Saving time is one of the reasons many agencies start using online tools like Cervinodata to manage the data collection and processing automatically. This allows agencies to focus on their core business: managing the campaign performance for their clients and helping move clients forward and upward.

BigQuery query builder included in Cervinodata

Features for agencies

Cervinodata for BigQuery was designed with agencies like Onetomarket in mind.

Erik van Dorp, Cervinodata: “We see more and more agencies coming in. They wish to upgrade their data management. The usual flow is to go from Google Sheets or Excel to a more robust platform like Google BigQuery. The Cloud enables them to store all their data in one centralised place with immense capacity. Some agencies start this process in-house when they discover that maintaining API connections and getting the data harmonised across platforms and clients is tedious work and collecting historical data is way more complex than anticipated.”

But time saving is not the only reason to migrate to centralised data: Data privacy is another big factor. With the GDPR into effect, there is more focus on data security. Centralised data storage allows organisations to keep track of where all the data is, while Google Sheets tend to spread out and get shared all over the place.

BigQuery is a logical step that follows

Many agencies already use Google products like Google Ads and Analytics, so BigQuery is a logical step that follows. BigQuery is fast, has near-infinite storage space and many reporting and BI tools have native integrations with BigQuery.

René Stuifzand:"The Cervinodata Engine is a reliable link in our reporting and analysis flow. Cervinodata automatically stores all the campaign performance and analytics data in BigQuery and keeps it up to date. BigQuery connects to Tableau where we have built a wide range of dashboards and report for our clients”.

Keep pushing the envelope

Next step is to enable clients to select specific campaigns from multiple platforms. This will save a lot of time when reporting on cross-platform campaigns. At the same time Cervinodata is running beta tests for added intelligence to the data. The feature that will be available early October is a prediction of the cost per click, including an anomaly detection mechanism that alerts the user of underperforming advertising campaigns.

Erik van Dorp: “We are in close contact with our customers to get feedback for improvements. Onetomarket is one of our leading customers, they are very much ahead of the game. They challenge us to develop new and improved features that will help them, and us, move forward even faster.”

Cervinodata and Tableau

Onetomarket uses Tableau for many of their client dashboards. Cervinodata keeps the data up to date in Google BigQuery and Tableau natively connects to BigQuery.

Onetomarket Tableau dashboard with Cervinodata
Cervinodata Tableau Dashboard - Onetomarket - september 2019

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