Tune up Klipfolio with Cervinodata

Klipfolio becomes even more powerful when combining it with the data storage and data preparation features of Cervinodata. This page offers a step-by-step instruction to connect Cervinodata to Klipfolio.

Key benefits for Klipfolio users

  • No need to add datasources when you add new websites or AdWords accounts
  • No need do adjust formula's when you add new websites or AdWords accounts
  • No need to combine datasources in the formula editor when calculating numbers from multiple website or across AdWords accounts.


  • Stores your Google Analytics & advertising data securely for longer history
  • Combines multiple Google Analytics views & AdWords accounts into one data set
  • Adds targets, budgets and other context to your data (coming soon)
  • Groups Campaigns from multiple advertising channels together into a Cross-channel campaign performance data set (coming soon)

Data sets currently available in Cervinodata for Klipfolio

  • Multiple Google Analytics views ecommerce data per day or per month
  • Multiple Google AdWords accounts performance on account & campaign level. data per day or per mont
  • New data sets and other features coming soon.

How to connect Cervinodata to Klipfolio?

Step 1: Sign into your Cervinodata account

(If you do not have a Cervinodata account get one here)

Login page cervinodata

Step 2: Connect Cervinodata to your channels

For each of the channels and accounts you wish to report on, Cervinodata needs access. Inside the ControlCenter just follow a few simple step-by-step instructions to provide access. 

Consent Google Analytics

Step 3: Configure data feed

Use the ControlCenter to configure the data feed to fit your need and choose your format

  • CSV
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Excel
Pick a report

Step 4: Copy your data feed

Choose the data feed from the list and copy the data feed link.

Copy data feed success

Step 5: Paste data set

(this step assumes you have a Klipfolio account, if you do not have a Klipfolio account, get one here)

  1. Select the Cervinodata service from the Klipfolio Connector Gallery
  2. Paste your URL into the Query URL input field
  3. Make sure the Data Format corresponds to the format chosen in Step 3.
  4. Click Get Resource and save.


Cervinodata Klipfolio connector
Cervinodata Klipfolio connector REST

Need support?

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