What is Klipfolio?

Klipfolio is a top rated online dashboard platform that allows you to easily build real-time dashboards. It is a highly appreciated tool that sets itself apart from its competitors by the ease of use, great pricing and flexibility. It is the go-to dashboard platform for marketing, sales, accounting and IT performance monitoring.

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Cervinodata & Klipfolio

Partner since 2014

Cervinodata is a long time partner, since late 2013. Cervinodata delivers the data from hundreds of dashboards, multiple times per day. We have co-written multiple blogs about a wide variety of topics (like how to use BigQuery with PowerMetrics, a comparison between Klipfolio vs Data Studio, a customer spotlight about our company. We even wrote a blog together about Algoritms: How to build an algorithm is 6 steps)


Scott Lawrence - Senior Director, Product Management & Documentation at Klipfolio:

"For marketers or digital agencies who are using multiple advertising platforms for their campaigns and need to combine data for a single view of spend and impact, Cervinodata is a great add-on to Klipfolio."

5 key benefits

Klipfolio has 5 distinct features that we particularly like and use a lot in our service business. 


1. Custom Styling

There are many ways to tailor the look & feel of your dashboard, from logo to graph colors. But there is also a CSS option that allows you to fully customise how the dashboard looks.

2. Roles, Groups & Rights

It is very easy to tailor the 'who-sees-what' of every dashboard page. This allows you to make one dashboard for everybody, but show or hide according to the need-to-know. This features makes it easy to keep the dashboard very simple to digest, because he/she only sees what needs to be seen.

3. Data connections

There are many ways to connect data to Klipfolio, so it is very easy to display data from sales, marketing, IT, accounting, etc from multiple sources. It's even possible to combine data from multiple sources in one graph or table, without a lot of hassle.

The data connections go from uploading a file and connecting Dropbox or Google Drive to more advanced connections like Google BigQuery, MySQL or FTP. Cervinodata also has a native connector (more info here), and for heavier users Cervinodata offers Cervinodata for BigQuery

4. A powerful formula editor

Klipfolio's powerful formula editor allows you to calculate metrics or add functions to your data. This ranges from a simple "SUM" or "AVERAGE" function to "CUMULATIVE" values, standard deviations, regression, etc.

5. The API & SSO

Not only is Klipfolio configurable through their interface, but also through the Klipfolio API. This allows for large scale automatic management of all your dashboards, users, data and access rights. Add the SSO login feature to it (and White label if you want) and you can manage and deploy dashboards at scale.

Klipfolio dashboard examples

As a company we have built many dashboards in Klipfolio. With the introduction of Cervinodata some time ago, we are moving more and more in the direction of smart data delivery. For Klipfolio users that need more than one ad platform in their dashboard or multiple accounts Cervinodata is possibly a great solution. If you want to use any of the dashboard examples below in your own Klipfolio account, feel free to contact us.

Check out some live examples here: Multichannel advertising dashboard, Facebook Ads, Adform dashboard, Google Ads dashboard, Google Analytics ecommerce dashboard


Of course they are available in English too.