How Your Ad Campaigns Can Benefit from Effective Knowledge Management

Ad campaigns reporting & knowledge management for best ROI

Getting the best ROI on your Ad campaigns requires more than just Google Ads skills, sharing learnings and changes with your team is equally important. And when using more than one Ad platform or using multiple accounts it is paramount that you keep track of the ad campaigns performance across the board.

working together

working together

When it comes to generating sales and profiles, companies rely heavily on marketing and advertisements. In today’s business landscape where data is the name of the game, it is crucial that information within the company is well-managed. This is where effective knowledge management comes in. 

What is knowledge management?

Knowledge management is the process of identifying, gathering, storing, retrieving, and sharing information across an enterprise; it is limited to the knowledge assets of an organization. An effective knowledge management system is essential to any enterprise. 

It should be well-noted that there are two types of knowledge: explicit knowledge that is easily codified, and tacit knowledge that is derived from experience and practice. This differentiation is translated to different ways of storing and sharing this knowledge within the organization.  

Knowledge management involves gathering and retaining knowledge from various sources and distributing it to the people within the company that need it. It is especially helpful in marketing as it provides a way to keep tabs on customer data, and keep product information and best practices all in one place. 

From a marketing point of view, knowledge management is important because it keeps everyone abreast of up-to-date information stored within an easily accessible repository. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, especially during important projects and campaigns; and that customers will be given the same data when calling about products or services, regardless of which customer service representative answers the query. 

Benefits of Effective Knowledge Management to Ad Campaigns

A knowledge management tool is a great way to streamline and organize the processes involved in your ad campaigns. When data is gathered, stored, and transferred effectively within the company, communication and processes run smoothly.

Knowledge management tools provide a platform to store and connect all your data and make them easily retrievable. They have editing capabilities that are intuitive and fix formatting so you don’t have to. Some have functionalities that organize your data into folders that provide context as to their contents so that team members don’t have to hunt for the data that they need; all of it is already arranged and ready for consumption in several keystrokes. All your data from consumer reports to best practices to customer information are kept secure and accessible within the knowledge management platform. 

Weekly planning notes are easier to create and maintain in knowledge management tools, as well. Your team can edit their entries, plug in their progress, and collaborate easily and efficiently. For team leads and project managers, keeping tabs on the progress of the team’s assignments has never been easier. Even conceptualizing your campaigns during team meetings, asking for feedback, or doing your post mortems can be streamlined.

Managing Ad campaigns performance results

Keeping track of ad campaigns performance across ad platforms or even multiple ad accounts within the same ad platform can be hard. Not to mention the need to filter the right data out of the system(s) to prepare your monthly, weekly or daily report for colleagues, your boss or your client(s). Using external tools like Cervinodata can save you hours per week and tons of frustrations. It’s easy to use interfaces allows you to connect the right ad accounts, start the data collection and deliver the data you need to the most popular reporting destinations like Google Data Studio or Klipfolio. Cervinodata even offers a multi-data feed, where the data is streamed to multiple locations at the same time (like the simple Google Data Studio report for your client or boss AND to your custom built machine learning application you built yourself as a hobby project on the side).


Whether you are in the planning stage, execution stage, or are now evaluating the effectiveness of your ad campaign, a truly effective knowledge management tool can make the work easier, and drive members to collaborate better and contribute positively to the overall success of your project. 

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