The easiest way to get multiple ad account data and GA view data together in KNIME.

The Cervinodata API allows KNIME users to bring the key performance statistics from multiple advertising platfoms and multiple accounts together in one data feed for further analysis and reporting in KNIME. Alternatively, you can first bring your data together in Google BigQuery (using Cervinodata for BigQuery) and then connect to KNIME.

What is KNIME?

KNIME is an open source end to end data science platform that allows you to greate data flows from raw data all the way to model results in a database. It allows the user to gather and wrangle data, model and visualise data and use this data for reporting and data science practices. Although it is still mainly used in a pharmaceutical industry, it has some interesting use cases in the online marketing performance monitoring,  reporting and analysis.

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How does KNIME work with Cervinodata?

Cervinodata allows you to get access to all your advertising platfoms and account and Google Analytics views and retrieve the key performance metrics with one API call.


This makes it very easy to create one KNIME flow for multiple Ad platfoms and multiple ad accounts. Or, as shown by screenshot of the flow and the result table on the right, to get the key metrics from multiple Google Analytics views into one table.


Save valuable time with Cervinodata

  • One API connection in stead of a connection with each individual ad platform and Google Analytics
  • No need to program and maintain consent steps for each platform. One API key from Cervinodata is enough.
  • No need to keep all the API connections up-to-date. Cervinodata's got you covered.
  • Keep the flow unchanged when adding or removing accounts and views (the "Organisation" layer does the magic for you).


Knime flow Cervinodata
Knime multiple ga table results

Looking for KNIME beta testers

We would love to get feedback from KNIME users on the ease of use of the Cervinodata API. Based on the first responses we already know that we should look into changing the data structure (from JSON, CSV to a format that makes many of the steps as shown in the screenshot obsolete).


We have opened a Forum discussion to ask for beta testers. If you are interested, drop a line there ( or send an e-mail to

About Cervinodata

Cervinodata client Python API & client PHP API

The Cervinodata client Python API is now available in Github, free to download. Read more information on the Python API page or check it out directly on Github.

Also, the PHP version of the client API is available. Check it here