Cervinodata partner program

Offer your customers a best in class campaign performance data management platform as part of your product or service

Become a Cervinodata Partner and leverage superior campaign data management as your next big offering to your clients.

Key benefits for partners

Advanced training

Referrals for implementation and services

Early roadmap access & input

Recurring income from subscriptions


Trusted by agencies around the world

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Mark, technical advertising specialist

"The options within Cervinodata to group multiple campaigns from different platforms saves me about 4 hours every week. There is even a clever way to connect ad spend to ecommerce revenue. This allows us to adjust campaigns based on ROAS”

René, Digital Analytics Consultant at Onetomarket

“The Cervinodata Engine is a very simple yet powerful tool to get all our ad campaign performance and GA data of all our clients together in Google BigQuery. Cervinodata offers clever tools, like the query builder, that make it easy to get the right data in the right BigQuery table. This saves us a lot of time and hassle.”

Gido, Online Marketer at Booking Boosters

“The Cervinodata team deserves compliments for their support. We really appreciate their fast response times and short time between alerting a problem and fixing it.”

See testimonials from our partners Mediaxplain and Onetomarket. And find us on Google Cloud.