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Choose your destination(s)

You do not have to pay to get your data to multiple destinations. Use any or all of the available methods that fit your particular need. Switch between methods or use multiple at the same time, we’ve got you covered.

Cervinodata for BigQuery

BigQuery Cervinodata

Connect BigQuery to your favourite BI Tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Sigma Computing or Zoho Analytics and more. How to setup Cervinodata for Google BigQuery

Cervinodata for Data Studio

google data studio Cervinodata

Get up and running with Google Data Studio in a matter of minutes by using our free Data Studio templates

Cervinodata for Klipfolio

Google Data Studio vs Klipfolio logo

Use the native Cervinodata Klipfolio connector to easily get all your ad platforms or multiple views into one data source. This will save you a lot of time building a beautiful dashboard with Klipfolio. Or get started fast with the free Klipfolio templates

Start a Cervinodata Free plan

Our free plan comes with 182 days data retention and weekly data refresh. Blend data from multiple ad platforms (like Facebook Ads, Google Ads and more) with Google Analytics and get your campaign performance reporting up and running in minutes. Free templates available.

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