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Free Data Studio Template

Cervinodata brings free Google Data Studio templates for fast and easy reporting on multiple ad platforms.

Cervinodata for Google Data Studio now offers free Data Studio templates ready for use. This page describes the easy steps you need to take to usee Cervinodata for Data Studio and shows a few Data Studio templates.

What's in the data studio template?

See the screenshot below for more details. Or go directly to the step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

Powerful filters

  • "Organisations" allow you to switch between organisations . Key benefit is that is allows you to switch between groups of accounts or deliver the same dashboard to multiple clients (by filtering on an organisation in the back end)
  • "Ad platform name" allows you to filter on one or more ad platforms, to go one level deeper without having to rebuilt the dashboard.
  • "Account name": since Cervinodata allows you to report on multiple accounts per platform, this dropdown allows you to dive deeper in one of the accounts without having to leave this dashboard.
  • "Date range" allows you to filter the dashboard on a specific date period, like this year to date or last month.

Multiple levels: dimensions

In order to interpret your advertising campaign performance data you need a few levels

  • Totals & averages: See the larger numbers above the graphs (and related to the previous period)
  • Results per ad platform: See the first table
  • Results per account: if you have multiple accounts for one platform, you see the split in the second table (if you do not have this, you can take out this table).
  • Results per campaign: The lowest level needed in an overview dashboard (this is our humble opinion) are the results per campaign.

Key performance metrics

  • For advertising, you only need a few key primary metrics:
    • Impressions
    • Clicks
    • Media spend
    • conversions


  • With those primary metrics, you can derive the most important secondary metrics:
    • Click through rate (CTR)
    • Conversion rate
    • Cost per click (CPC)
    • Cost per conversion.

Cervinodata data studio template example

More data studio templates coming soon

We will add more templates in the coming weeks. Should you have any suggestion for which data, graph or table you would like us to add, drop us a line

New templates

  • Multiple Ad platform data studio template: Get it here
  • Multiple website views Google Analytics data studio template: This will show you the key metrics of your e-commerce or content focused websites, all in one dashboard. This template will also include powerful filters and will look awesome. Check it out here
  • Advertising + Google Analytics data studio template. This dashboard will allow you to combine specific Google Analytics UTM campaign data with your advertising performance data. This template will also report on ROAS (Return on Ad spend), since it also contains revenue data directly linked to your ad platforms. Check out the blended Ad data + Google Analytics tab here

Get started right now

Start a free trial of Cervinodata, no credit card needed.

Getting started with Cervinodata for Data Studio

Follow these simple steps to start a free trial of Cervinodata for Data Studio and check to box to include the data studio template. If you want to know more about the template, Go up.

Part 1: Start a free trial of Cervinodata

  1. Sign up for a free trial of Cervinodata
  2. Connect to the ad platforms of your choice (see the list here).
    • Or if you need a multi GA dashboard, connect to Google Analytics
  3. (optional) create one or more organisations to group accounts
  4. Switch accounts ON you want historic data for.
    • The data collection will start automatically.

Part 2: Get the data studio template

  1. Make sure you're logged into Data Studio, then go to the Data Studio connector Gallery here and search for Cervinodata or get any of the available templates here
    • Multiple ad platfom template: Get it here
    • Ad data + Google Analytics = a blended Google Data Studio template with multi ad platforms + Google Analytics, including advanced campaign filtering and ROAS. Get it here
    • Google Analytics = multiview Google Analytics template, including all the 20 goal completions. Get that template here
  2. Follow the steps in the Data Studio interface, and keep the checkbox checked that says "... Use a template..."

Next: Manage in Cervinodata

  • Add or remove ad accounts and Google Analytics view in Cervinodata
  • Create blended campaign groups to calculate the ROAS of advertising campaigns (Ad data + Google Analytics template)
Data Studio connector Cervinodata

About Google Data Studio

You can read more about Google Data Studio here

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